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A Bit of Background

Who We Are & How We Got Started

We have proudly owned this gorgeous breed for over twenty years, and truly are schnauzer obsessed. Originally we did not plan to operate as a professional dog breeder, we just wanted these magnificent bearded pups for ourselves as pets. However, we became frustrated by the, "puppy-mill" breeders that monopolize the miniature schnauzer market. One of our beloved schnauzers died years too early secondary to a complication of in-breeding done at one of these mill operations. Our hearts were broken and we decided that we wanted to help change the persona of what a dog breeder is. We wanted to highlight the positives that a small in home breeder can offer a buyer, and more importantly the miniature schnauzer breed. Named after the tender nickname my husband bestowed upon me, Duke's Schanuzers was born in September of 2019 with the addition of our first breeding dog, Persephone. 


Prior to breeding, I worked as a Neonatal-ICU RN caring for premature infants and their parents. My focus while working on the unit was critical care, and delivery room resusciation. In order to be successful in such an environment, I needed to utilize my assessment skills, and ability to think clearly under stress. This experience translates directly to my ability to stabilize, and care for any puppy whelped in my home. With such a strong background and understanding of intensive care, you can be sure that any puppy whelped at Duke's will be given the very best care. Our Dam's never whelp alone, and should neonate resuscitation be needed we have oxygen, suction, and a puppy isolette available. Should a puppy begin showing signs of sickness, we have the ability to administer antibiotics, electrolytes, and tube feedings. Beyond the whelping process, all of our puppies are raised in line with a curriculum that focuses on physical, emotional and neurological development. If you ever pop in our puppy live stream, you will see multiple developmental aides, or one of us working directly with the puppies.

All of our dogs and puppies live inside the home alongside family, and children. I stay at home full-time, while my husband works from home. Our dogs sleep either on our beds with us, or in their crates. We are originally from Lincoln California, but happily relocated to Murfreesboro Tennessee in December 2021. 

​This is NOT a puppy mill, and you will feel that the moment you begin interacting with us. There are no dog runs, outbuildings with kennels or dogs tied down and forced to whelp in plastic bins lined with newspaper. We operate a small, buyer focused breeding program, and all of our customers will experience the, "Duke's difference." Not only do our puppies receive the absolute best care possible, but our buyers receive a puppy that is health guaranteed, passed rigorous health screenings, socialized with other dogs and children, received the many benefits of Early Neurologic Stimulation (ENS) and the Puppy Culture Program. They will also have a pleasant, and exciting buying processing which focuses on their relationship with their growing puppy. 


Duke's Schnauzers namesake originated from love, and that is exactly what one of our puppies will bring to you. Contact us for more details on how to join the Duke's Schanuzer family. 

With Gratitude, 


Co-Owner of Duke's Schnauzers 

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