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Puppy Pricing for Limited Rights

Puppy Pricing for Limited Rights

1. $2,250-$2,500: salt & peppers, black parti's, liver parti's, standard sables, black, creams, non-phantom black & silvers, and salt & peppers with masking. 

2. $2,500-$2,800: livers, phantom black & silvers, liver & tans.

3. $3,000-$3,500: non-fading/red sables, toy merles/merles (blue merles, blue/tan merles, liver merles or liver/tan merles). 

4. $3,300-$4,500: Reds with an intensity beyond cream such as beige, apricot, light red, and dark red), black & reds, blue & red merles, liver & red merles black & tans, liver & tans, liver & reds. 

5. $5,000-$7,000: RARE! Solid rusts, black & rusts, liver & rusts, blue & rust merles. 

*Toy sized puppies will have a surcharge of $500 added to price as they require more care, and may have to stay with breeder till 9-10 weeks of age. 

*Full rights may be considered for an added price. 

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What does each purchase include?

All puppies are hand whelped and raised with love inside our home. The puppies are handled multiple times a day, never alone, and are loved from the moment they are born. Our dogs live with our family in our home, and enjoy all the snuggles, tummy rubbings and walks they want. We are NOT a large scale breeding program who isolates dogs in an out building kennel. We strongly discourage anyone purchase a puppy from a breeder who operates in this "puppy mill" or a "backyard breeder" fashion. 

  • Puppies are exposed to Early Neurologic Stimulation, Early Scent Introduction, and raised following The Puppy Culture Program to raise well adjusted, socialized and resilient puppies. We have developed a one of a kind Puppy Culture daily curriculum/agenda. (patent pending)

  • All buyers will have access to our 24/7 puppy camera from 4 weeks of age on, will receive weekly puppy photos or videos, and lifetime breeder support. 

  • We produce exceptionally healthy puppies. Dam's & Sire's are DNA tested through Embark Vet, and have had their eyes and hearts certified as healthy through the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals. All puppies come with a 7 year congenital health guarantee.

  • All puppies leave our home with their dew claws removed, tails docked, their first vaccination (and an additional parvovirus vaccination for added protection), dewormed, a puppy certificate of health from our veterinarian, and groomed into an adorable schnauzer cut. 

  • All puppies will go home with either a custom puppy box or breeder suggested items, or a $75 gift card to Chewy, Amazon, Petsmart or Petco. 

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